About Me

Hi! My name is Kristen. I am a sophomore at Loyola University New Orleans. I’m majoring in Musical Theatre with the hopes of educating generations of performers to come. Growing up, we are not always encouraged to follow our dreams, our true passions. I struggled with this a lot when deciding what I wanted to pursue in life. Though my heart was in theatre, my mind wanted to go down a path that others would deem successful. There was just one problem: I was unhappy. This is when I realized that pleasing others would never lead to a fulfilling life. For this reason, I decided to pursue Musical Theatre as a career/life goal.


Happy On Stage is a byproduct of accepting happiness. Following my true passion has led me to a life that I am excited to live. Writing is another passion I wanted to expand and explore through this blog. I want to document my journey as a student and performer in New Orleans – hopefully inspiring some people along the way! So stick around, join my journey, and feel free to begin your own.