August Goals 2017

If you read my Why I Set 12 New Year’s Revolution post, you’ll know that rather than setting one gargantuan goal for the entire year, I set manageable monthly goals instead. That being said, each month I will remind myself of my goal by writing about it here! Writing a monthly goal post will hold me accountable and give me something to look back and reflect upon. This month’s goal is to simplify: physically, emotionally, and electronically. In August, I don’t want to just physically simplify my life, but emotionally and electronically simplify it too! Let me tell you what I mean…


Physically Simple

The time has come to start packing for college – as if I ever unpacked.  Anyway, like I said in my previous post, I tend to keep things I don’t need. This includes but is not limited to: receipts, knickknacks, old clothes, school papers, Mardi Gras beads, and etc. While some of this stuff I can easily throw away or recycle, I will have to really look at other items to determine whether or not they may make the journey with me. Obviously my favorite teddy and family pictures can come along, but maybe not all seven of my throw blankets.

Emotionally Simple

Life is short. There is no time for pretending to feel some way you really don’t, especially if you are unhappy. Relationships, friendships, heck even acquaintanceships should all be looked at and evaluated. I am not saying this will be easy, but in the long run it will be beneficial. Everyone should surround themselves with a support system, a group of people who love you unconditionally and want the best for you. It’s time to simplify my relationships and become the person I want to be. Now stop right there! This doesn’t mean nixing people from your life.  What this does mean is being honest with yourself and others about how you feel. I am excited for this liberation!

Electronically Simple

Now, to simplify electronically. It is pretty much exactly how it sounds: simplifying social media accounts of people I don’t truly know, deleting/unsubscribing from old emails, and most importantly, a bit of detoxing from social media. I feel as though social media has taken a part of my life. The time I used to use to read or spend time with friends and family is now used to stare at a screen and look at things I’ve already seen. I will use this month to be more productive with my free time.


What is your goal this month? Are you going to simplify with me, or do you have other things in mind? Let me know in the comments below!


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