March Goals + February Recap 2018

February Recap February’s goal was to try a new hairstyle everyday, and boy did that go straight down the drain! I’m not one who is adventurous when it comes to things like hair and makeup. The simpler the better. I really wanted to push myself creatively and learn at least […]


Monthly Goals for 2018

It seems like just yesterday that I was writing my 2017 Goals, but here we are again! Last year at this time, I set a goal for every month that was small and easy to work towards. Doing this lets me focus on what I really want out of my […]


August Goals 2017

If you read my Why I Set 12 New Year’s Revolution post, you’ll know that rather than setting one gargantuan goal for the entire year, I set manageable monthly goals instead. That being said, each month I will remind myself of my goal by writing about it here! Writing a […]


Why I set 12 New Year’s Resolutions

Ahhh, the long awaited 2017. Along with this new year, comes many people wanting to reinvent themselves; this new year also brings about those famous last words: “new year, new me!” It is so easy to become motivated with the new year atmosphere. Many people, including myself, want to jump […]