Good Morning New Orleans: The Bigger Picture

Living on the eleventh floor of a dorm is a constant battle between you and the elevator. A quick trip to the laundry room or the vending machine is practically inconceivable. You muster the courage to walk down the hall to the elevator. As soon as you’re there, you press the button knowing that every second counts. It taunts you; you hear it rattling on floors below. Five minutes? Most likely. Ten? More, if the second elevator has broken down again. At last, that little green arrow lights up like a beacon of hope, rescuing your calves from eleven flights of stairs. You enter, the doors close, and you are free.


Okay, over-dramatization over.


Nevertheless, freshman year of college (especially the first week) is filled with the awkwardness of being perpetually lost, stress of classes, and the mixture of emotions about your newly found freedom. Although I am absolutely IN LOVE with New Orleans and the New Orleanian lifestyle, the constant excitement can surely knock some people back; I have seen my friends struggle first-hand. One thing I have learned so far is the necessity of having an appreciation for the simplicity of life. So often we get caught up in the excitement and the hardships we are experiencing. Whether it is stressing over homework, missing family, trying to make friends, or even something as silly as waiting for the elevator, good can be found in it all.


Each morning and evening, I look out the window of my eleventh story dorm room. I can see the strange colors and stunning shapes the sky has painted above the most breathtaking campus and city in the world.


Occasionally, small mishaps may seem to defeat you. Yet, in these instances, we are not seeing the bigger picture.  The views are amazing, you just have to stop and look.



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