March Goals + February Recap 2018

February Recap

February’s goal was to try a new hairstyle everyday, and boy did that go straight down the drain! I’m not one who is adventurous when it comes to things like hair and makeup. The simpler the better. I really wanted to push myself creatively and learn at least a few new styles. Y’all… February was busy! And, doing hair is hard! Most days my hair was down in its natural state (that’s where it really likes to be). This month was honestly not the one to try and experiment, but that’s okay. I have faith that I’ll learn a braid here or there when I get randomly inspired to be creative!

March Goal

I am pumped about this month’s goal (or challenge, rather)! And, that goal would be *drum roll, please* learning Spanish! While I took Spanish classes in middle school and high school, I haven’t used it since then. What they say is true: if you don’t use it, you lose it! Well, I want to get it back this month and actually start to use it. I have a roommate from Spain and friends from Panama and Puerto Rico. They are always in our room speaking Spanish to each other. I will understand a word or phrase here and there, but I want to be able to practice and communicate with them in English and Spanish. I will be using the website Duolingo to help me learn. I’ve used it before and I really like the way it is broken up into lessons. You can level up and even earn Lingots to unlock bonuses and extra lessons.


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