Summer Bucket List 2017

Summer is the perfect time to wind down and refresh yourself. With only a few short months until school starts up again, I want to make sure I have some fun!

Here is my Summer 2017 bucket list. (I’ll fill in the boxes once I’m done!)


[X]Baking marathon

[X]Binge a Netflix series

[ ]Listen to live music

[ ]Read 4 books

[ ]Plant flowers

[ ]Go to the beach

[ ]Make tie dye shirts (always a favorite of mine)

[ ]Go to the aquarium

[ ]Go camping

[X] Day of pampering

[X] Go to a sporting event

[ ] Connect with college friends (pool party, anyone?)

[X] Learn to cook something new

[ ] Learn a new skill


Time for some fun! Comment below what’s on your bucket list!


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